The Marvelous Cat story overview ©

Biagio Mastroianni


- Two cats, Ulisse and Emilio
- A guard dog, Giobbe
- A child, Peppino
- Some suspicios, ugly jerks


South of Italy, countryside of Naples – where an illegal, contaminated dumping ground is sited

Time: Present

Ulisse and Emilio live near a dump. There are a lot of mice and they go off together to find the mice and have a good meal.

Two days later, when Emilio has still not returned, Ulisse seeks the aid of his friend Peppino to help him find Emilio. They go to the highly contaminated rubbish dumping site where Emilio was last seen...

Shortly after they met the guard dog Giobbe, the same suspicious men he had seen on the previous visit to the area confronted
and threatened them...

Does Giobbe help the cat and Peppino?
Does Ulisse and Peppino find Emilio?
How they get away from the jerks?